Let Your Passion Follow You

by Drago on October 26, 2013

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Monday Morning Motivator

Quote Of The Week – As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do. (Andrew Carnegie)

Word Of The Week – Sagacity (suh-gass-ih-tee) : wisdom, soundness of judgment
eg : People often came to King Solomon because of the sagacity he was known for.

Proverb Of The Week – Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and to the bones. (Proverbs 16 verse 24 The Bible)


Let Your Passion Follow You

This week we share a great message from one of my favorite marketing & business minds, Roy Williams. Roy’s message may be a bit of a slap in the face as he challenges us about he we view passion or the advice we often hear, “follow your passions and you will be successful.”

One of the books I’ll write someday is a collection of true stories gathered from extremely successful people.

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My business as an advertising consultant and seminar speaker has put me face-to-face with many of the brightest stars in the entrepreneurial sky. And rarely do I miss the opportunity to ask them,

“Can you recall that fateful moment when you chose the fork in the road that led you to where you are today? How did you first get into this business?”

Never – not once – has a successful person said to me, “I followed my passion.”

But this is the answer you will hear again and again from people who are serving time in prison.

The world is full of rich people who are not, and never were, successful. People who stole the money, inherited the money, married the money, won the money in the stock market or in the lottery, cheated others out of the money or were awarded the money in court, do not qualify as “successful” in my admittedly subjective opinion.

The “Follow-Your-Passion” myth is pervasive because successful people are usually passionate. But those people would have been passionate about whatever they chose to do.

Their jobs don’t give them passion.
They give passion to their jobs.
The same is true in successful marriages.

Moon-eyed dreamers who say, “I just can’t find my passion” always act like I kicked their puppy when I tell them that passion is not a magical ether that can be located and tapped into. Passion is the shrapnel that flies from a three-way collision of determination, commitment and action.

While we’re at it, let’s pull the mask off a couple of other myths:

(1.) Passion doesn’t always manifest itself as happiness. Passion is also behind deep grief.

(2.) Passion isn’t always confident. Worry is misguided passion, fearful passion, but it is passion nonetheless.

Don’t do what you’re passionate about. Be passionate about what you do.

Don’t follow your passion. Let your passion follow you.

Passion is created when determination and commitment are joined by the nitroglycerin of action. Leonardo da Vinci said it 480 years ago and he said it in Italian. Here is the clearest translation:

“People of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them. They go out and happen to things.”

Listen to Leonardo. Go out and happen to something.

When we hear the laughter and the dancing, the crying and the grief, we will know the shrapnel is flying.

If your business needs help discovering it’s passion, give us a call. We’re here to help!

Have a great week unless you choose otherwise.


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Success Profile

This week’s success profile is Chad Zender and his team at Zender Ford.

Zender Ford is a family run business that was started by Ken Zender over 30 years ago and today is being run by the next generation of Zender’s, Chad, Shayne &  Codie. They have recently completed a massive renovation that has prepared Zender Ford to serve the community of Spruce Grove and Edmonton for the next 30 years.

Ken and the Zender Family have created something very special and this was clearly evident with the turnout at the grand re-opening celebration. They were recently described by Mayor, Stuart Houston “as the face of business in Spruce Grove.”

Having attended this event in person it was clear that the Zender’s really support and serve their community and the community appreciates them back, theirs is genuinely a two way relationship.     

Zender Ford does things a little different, and this was clearly evident in the way they chose to celebrate their grand re-opening. They decided to give a car away, what made it different was who won it. They ran a contest where people were encouraged to share their stories or nominate someone who was worthy to receive a new car. The entries were narrowed down to 5 amazing people and stories who were all worthy and Bonnie was the winner! Watch Bonnie’s video to hear her story, like Bonnie say’s “The world could use more Zender’s”


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