Like A Rollin Stone – Motivation From Bob Dylan

by Drago on November 15, 2013

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Monday Morning Motivator

Quote Of The Week –
The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me. (Ayn Rand)

Word Of The Week – Rectitudinous (rek-tuh-too-duh-nus) : characterized by the quality of being honest and morally correct
eg :
The senatorial candidate’s supporters insist that he is possessed of a rectitudinous character and a spotless record.

Proverb Of The Week – Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless. (Ecclesiastes 5 verse 10 The Bible)

Like A Rollin Stone – Motivation From Bob Dylan

This week we take a look at what Bob Dylan can teach us about staying innovative, shunning naysayers and never sinking like a stone when the times are (inevitably) a -changin. Truth be told I have never been that big of a Bob Dylan fan musically, but after reading about the man and his views on success and longevity, I have become a fan.

So how has Dylan stayed on top and relevant for so many years?

Here are 10 lessons, and the beauty is that we, too, can put these dictums into action:.

1. Forget about today: Dylan looks ahead. He always has. He has made it his mission. It’s a philosophy that would serve anyone well.

2. Shun the naysayers: It’s a regrettable fact of life that people will try to keep you down. Business rivals will detract from your accomplishments. A boss may feel threatened by your ascent. Sometimes it really does seem like everyone’s a critic, right? But you cannot let the negative voices derail you from your quest. You must not let them beat you at your game. Dylan was blasted by those who resented his personal and musical explorations after embracing organized Christianity, beginning in 1979 when he went to Bible school in Southern California for three months and emerged with the songs for his terrific album Slow Train Coming. Dylan didn’t let the nattering nabobs discourage him. He gained strength through his newfound faith—and created some of his best music as well.
3. Create a personal revolution:
When he was a teenager growing up in Minnesota’s bleak Iron Range area, Dylan began to have a vision for the rest of his life. All he intended to do was be a musician. He was lucky, in a way, to have found a vocation so early in his life. But it’s never too late for any of us to create a personal revolution of our own. Dylan listened obsessively to the radio stations that played everything from the Grand Ole Opry to blistering Chicago blues. He soaked it all in and learned his craft. By the time he hit Greenwich Village in January 1961, he was ready to fulfill his life’s ambition and make it in music.

4. Blaze your own path: Dylan has been a lifelong trailblazer who has contentedly followed his muse. Dylan’s most prominent example of this trait occurred in 1965, when he went from folk music to rock ’n’ roll and recorded his single Like a Rolling Stone. Dylan forever put his mark on the music industry by coming up with that six-minute song, by far the longest single ever attempted. By comparison, The Beatles had released Ticket to Ride, which clocked in at a bit over three minutes, then the group’s longest single. By smashing the boundary on what a recording could represent, Dylan opened the door and encouraged other musicians to be adventurous, too.

5. Always remain innovative: Dylan constantly seeks challenges. By early 1966, the former king of folk music had become the prince of pop. He had made all of his recordings in New York City up to that point. But he sensed it was time to break new ground and recorded most of his next album in Nashville, Tenn. He made a fortuitous decision. Blonde on Blonde proved to be one of his most successful and innovative works. Many people around him, including his hard-driving manager, Albert Grossman, tried to discourage Dylan from making such a radical shift. But Dylan knew best. He knew he had to continue to innovate—even when he was ruling the rock ’n’ roll roost.

6. Never rest on your laurels: In 1975, Dylan was restless. His album Blood on the Tracks had restored Dylan to a position of idolatry. The year before, he had toured North America with The Band, one of the most respected groups in all of rock ’n’ roll, and sold out Madison Square Garden, the Los Angeles Forum and other large arenas. In autumn 1975, Dylan reversed form by playing with a backup band that consisted mostly of unknowns and performed in small halls and on college campuses. It was the Rolling Thunder Revue, one of Dylan’s most-appreciated musical adventures.

7. Bet on yourself: In the early 1990s, Dylan was at a low point. Critics ripped his newest album, 1990’s Under the Red Sky, and sales weren’t too good, either. Dylan needed inspiration. He needed to take a break and get off the treadmill of recording a new album every year. He retreated to his garage studio and recorded Good As I Been to You and World Gone Wrong, two albums featuring only him singing and playing his trusty guitar and harmonica. He returned to the kinds of Americana-tinged folk songs that he had loved so much and sung as a student at the University of Minnesota. The result was therapeutic. Dylan gained strength and eventually roared back with the Grammy-winning album Time Out of Mind in 1997.

8. Take charge of your destiny: Be a leader, not a follower. We have heard this exhortation since we were little kids. But it’s not easy to take control of our lives. We have to make a very big bet—on ourselves! Are we up to the task? Bob Dylan certainly was, when he decided to take the radical step of dropping out of the University of Minnesota midway through his sophomore year to move to Greenwich Village to become a folk singer. It was a huge gamble. But Dylan knew he could be a success. If you’re confident in your abilities, nothing can stop you, either.

9. Stand apart from the crowd: It’s so tempting to join the crowd, isn’t it? It’s easier not to take an independent stand. Hogwash. By blending in, you diminish yourself and don’t allow your originality to pour forth. Dylan experienced this when he came to New York in 1961 and embarked on his path of folk music, even though he could have immediately made more money by writing pop songs. He stuck to his guns, and it sure paid off.

10. Learning from both elders and protégés: We’re never too young or old to learn from the people around us. Anyone can inspire us and provide a sense of direction when we need it the most. When Dylan was starting out as a folkie, he viewed Dust Bowl balladeer Woody This Land Is Your Land Guthrie as his role model. By the late 1980s, he needed someone new to push him. He found that person in U2 lead singer Bono, 19 years Dylan’s junior. Dylan had written a batch of new, personal songs, and Bono exhorted him to record them, pushing Dylan to work with the fiery music producer Daniel Lanois. The Dylan-Lanois collaboration yielded the 1989 album Oh Mercy, which many critics and Dylan fans regard as his best solo work of the decade.

11. Surprise! A bonus tip! Leave your comfort zone: Life can seem so easy, you know? We bask in the glow of what we have accomplished and feel good about ourselves. But what happens when a routine becomes stifling, and we desperately need something to jolt us out of our doldrums? The answer is doing something unexpected—radical, even—to lift us out of our comfort zones. This requires courage, above all else. Dylan encountered this condition in the early 1970s. He was having a tough time coming up with new songs and had reached a creative trough. To regain his spark, he did something startling: He acted in the Sam Peckinpah Western, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (and did the soundtrack as well). The move worked brilliantly. Dylan wrote Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, his first charting single in many years and one of his most enduring songs, for the film. He became so energized he then recorded his first No. 1 album, Planet Waves, and soon embarked on Tour ’74, his first coast-to-coast series of concerts in eight years, a hugely lucrative tour that even landed him on the cover of Newsweek.

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