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Monday Morning Motivator

Quote Of The Week – Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow!

Word Of The Week – Efficacious (e-fe-ka-shes) : having the power to produce a desired effect
eg : Pam knew that the most efficacious remedy for her cold would be a steaming bowl of her grandmother’s famous chicken soup.

Proverb Of The Week – Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor. (Proverbs 21 verse 21 The Bible)

Indicators/Solutions –  Add Up To Success

Happy New Year! We hope you had a fantastic Christmas season. This week to kick off our year right we share some NHL insights from Ryan Walter.

What if we could guarantee each other more success in 2014?

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Indicators of your next Success!

If I were to share a secret with you that I have notice the best-of-the-best utilize to stay ahead of their opponents… would you take the next 4 minutes to read and apply this information to make your next season successful?

I was reminded of this concept while reading “Talent is Overrated.” Author Geoff Colvin explains how the best in the world have developed their abilities to look for small, significant “Indicators” that give them an edge:

“Just as top tennis players look at the server’s body, not at the tennis ball, excellent performers in other fields have learned to spot non-obvious information that’s important.

More than 30 years ago, Sam Walton found an innovative way to gauge customer satisfaction.

He realized that the best indicator of how happy his customers were was to measure how happy his employees were; the way managers treat the employees was the way employees would treat the customers.

Certain retail executives have been known to survey the oil stains in a store’s parking lot to see how well the customers are maintaining their cars and thus gauge their financial condition.

In the 1980s, a business research firm dug through clothing sales statistics and found that the sales volume of clothing size “extra-large” and larger was increasing fast, an early tip-off that America was getting fatter, not fitter.

Laura Rittenhouse, an unusual type of financial analyst counts the number of times the word “I” occurs in annual letters to share-holders from corporate CEOs contending that this and other evidence in the letters helps predict company performance (basic finding: Egomaniacs are bad news).”

I once heard Charles Tremendous Jones say, “I can tell your future!” He said, “The indicators of your future are the quality of the people you hang out with and the books you read!”

I have never forgotten those words.

What “Indicators” will you use to score your health, your business, your family, and your relationships in 2014?

NHL Coaches astutely assess the “Indicators” of each opposing team’s play. We coaches call these Indicators: tendencies. Using video to efficiently pre-scout opponents, coaching staffs look for team trends or team tendencies in the game-strategy areas of breakouts, fore-checks, power play setups and much more. Pre-game meetings then focus on the upcoming opposition’s tendencies and our team’s strategy to counter them.

When I played in the NHL, I developed simple “Indicators” to help me increase my success.

One on-ice example was the way I began to condition myself to watch the defenseman’s feet (or skates) when I was driving wide with the puck on him in the offensive zone. As soon as that defenseman started to pivot from skating backwards to skating forward, I knew that was the time to try my inside lateral move, knowing that it was harder for the “D” to respond once his skates were turned.

The best in the world understand the significance of “important specific indicators” in giving them the edge.

I have been told that when a NASCAR driver glances ahead and sees that he/she is heading directly into a crash, he or she must decide at that moment to make one adjustment. Drivers are trained to force their eyes off of the accident ahead and on to the open road. When our mind chooses this action and our eyes take this action, our bodies react accordingly.

Indeed, we get what we focus on… and “Indicators” help generate or focus. 

One more bonus Idea for 2014:

Finding solutions will be the second key to success:

During one of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s election campaigns, his campaign manager was about to print 3 million copies of the candidate’s acceptance speech with his photograph alongside. However, one of the campaign workers pointed out that the photographer had never given permission for the photograph to be used. According to the copyright laws of the time, the fine was one dollar per copy for publishing unauthorized photographs. The campaign definitely could not afford the consequential three million dollar hit. Despite experiencing a tinge of panic, and instead of thinking up excuses or finding someone to blame, the campaign manager kept his cool and started considering ways to handle the situation. How could he turn this disaster into a dividend?

He thought of a solution and sent the following cable to the photographer: ‘I have a plan that could mean a great deal of publicity for you. What’s it worth to you if I use your photo on this campaign material?” The photographer cabled back: “I can’t afford more than $250.’ They made the deal. By focusing on finding a solution, FDR’s campaign manager not only prevented great embarrassment and financial penalty, but he also created a loyal relationship between the photographer and FDR’s administration and he ended up helping the campaign financially while using the desired photo.

Winners are skilled at looking for and finding solutions. You and I both know we will have problems to solve in 2014. Like the NASCAR driver heading fast into a crash, let’s will our focus off the coming disaster (problem) and on to the open road (solution) ahead. Let’s choose to turn our eyes and energy off the problems, and on to multiple solutions.

If your business needs help finding marketing solutions, give us a call. We’re here to help!

Have a great week unless you choose otherwise.


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Success Profile 

This week’s success profile is two of our clients, West Coast Mazda & West Coast Toyota.

The reason why we want to recognize Brad Hansen and Randy Saunders and their teams are that they are doing exceptional jobs of marketing. We speak a lot about the importance of “Content Creation Marketing” and being committed to providing great content for your customers.

Brad and Randy have done great jobs at being the faces of their businesses, their You Tube Channels have received over 229,000 views and 126,000 views of their videos respectively in just over a year. The impressive fact about these views are that no one ends up on a car dealers You Tube channel for entertainment sake, customers arrive their because they are producing content that they come across when they are searching for information about vehicles.

Their channels are gaining thousands of new views each week!

To view their channels and their videos click on the links.

West Coast Mazda

West Coast Toyota

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