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by Drago on February 28, 2014

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Monday Morning Motivator

Quote Of The Week – Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. (Thomas Edison)

Word Of The Week – Madeleine (ma-de-len) : One that evokes a memory.
eg : The salty sea breeze was, for Rachel, a madeleine of the beach vacations her family took when she was a kid.

Proverb Of The Week – Whoever rebukes a person will in the end gain favor rather than one who has a flattering tongue. (Proverbs 28 verse 23 The Bible)


Powerful Moments

This week we share a great message from author and speaker, Jon Gordon. Jon’s message is a great reminder for us that we all have powerful moments throughout the course of the day, we just need to be present to experience them. 

Check Out Our Video Of The Week – Sundance Mazda – Mazda 3

You know who they are. You see them every day.

They exist in the spaces between our busy lives.

He’s the security guard that stands between the world outside and your office inside.

She’s the register person between your groceries and your car.

She’s the bank teller between you and your money.

The train conductor. Dry cleaner. Secretary. The waiter between you and your lunch.

Even your sweet faced children who stand between the front door and your bedroom when you arrive home from work.

They are the familiar faces we see every day. They are the people we spend time with, even for brief moments that make life more meaningful, more connected, more real.

They are the people we encounter between where we were and where we are going.

At various times during your day they stand right before you, here and now.

And I have a theory that says how we treat the people in between our busy lives is directly related to our happiness.

For how we treat the people in between where we were and where we are going is indicative of how we live in the present moment.

Unfortunately I’ve noticed that as a society we are becoming more comfortable ignoring others. It’s a common practice on the NYC subways but even during my walks in Ponte Vedra Beach I will say hi to people and they just walk right past me without acknowledging that I exist.

If you walk right past the security guard at work without saying hello because you are just too busy then you are not in the present moment. If busyness and stress prevent you from connecting with your co-workers when you arrive at work then you are not in the present moment. And it is during the present moment where happiness, relationships, love and life are created.

To live life fully, then, is to make the most of the time in between where you were and where you are going and the best way to make sure you are doing this is to create meaningful interactions with the people in between. When you really think about it we all represent the peoplein between for we all live between the lives of each other-connected by phones, cars, roads, trains, oceans, planes, the internet and most of all love and energy.

So share your kindness, time, energy and compassion. Don’t let the seemingly insignificant moments slip away for in reality they mean everything. We are all the people in between and when we recognize the significance of each other we also feel it and experience it inside ourselves.

If your business needs help connecting with others, give us a call. We’re here to help!

Have a great week unless you choose otherwise.


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Success Profile 

This week’s success profile is two of our clients, West Coast Mazda & West Coast Toyota. (I have deliberately featuring these two clients for the past couple of weeks so that you could see how much their You Tube Channels have been growing, last week they were at 279,000 & 147,000 respectively, look at what they are at this week. This should tell you how important content creation is!)

The reason why we want to recognize Brad Hansen and Randy Saunders and their teams are that they are doing exceptional jobs of marketing. We speak a lot about the importance of “Content Creation Marketing” and being committed to providing great content for your customers.

Brad and Randy have done great jobs at being the faces of their businesses, their You Tube Channels have received over 285,000 views and 150,000 views of their videos respectively in just over a year. The impressive fact about these views are that no one ends up on a car dealers You Tube channel for entertainment sake, customers arrive their because they are producing content that they come across when they are searching for information about vehicles.

Their channels are gaining thousands of new views each week!

To view their channels and their videos click on the links.

West Coast Mazda

West Coast Toyota

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