How to Differentiate Your Business – Show You Care

by Drago on December 5, 2012

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John Gordon, shows us that it’s not that hard to really stand out in business today. The secret weapon is one word, Care!

In today’s economy where businesses and people are always looking for the latest and greatest ways to grow their business, build their brand and garner attention, I believe one word embodies how we can stand out and be noticed for our work.

The word is CARE and I’d like to share two simple ways you can put care into action.

First, you care about the work you do. I know this may sound like common sense, yet in reality most people don’t care. That’s why the people who do care stand out.

Steve Jobs is a great example of caring in action. In Water Isaacson’s biography of Jobs, Steve shares a story about helping his father build a fence when he was a young boy. His father told him he must care about crafting the back of the fence as much as the front. When Steve asked why the back mattered since no one will see how it was crafted his father said, “But you will know.”

Steve Jobs father was a craftsman who taught him to put care into all of his work. Years later Steve would design and create Apple products with such care and craftsmanship that it generated feelings of awe, loyalty and passion among its millions of new customers. Because Steve Jobs cared about his work and the products he made, his customers cared about him and Apple.

The second way to put care into action is to show your customers you care about them. I’m convinced that the most successful people and businesses show they care in their own unique way. Les Schwab Tire Centers are famous for running outside to greet their customers when they drive up to the tire center. Zappos is celebrated for free shipping and returns. Publix Supermarket employees walk you to the aisle and spot on the shelf when you can’t find the item you are looking for.

And Fitz at Rosenblum’s in Jacksonville did something to show me he cared and I’ll never forget it. I bought a suit from him a few weeks ago and decided to wear it the other day for the first time. Not only did it fit and feel great but right before I was getting on stage to speak I found a card from Fitz in the jacket pocket. It said “I hope you are doing something positive right now.” It’s no wonder that Fitz and Rosenblum’s have such a loyal following.

A year ago a carpenter came to my house to do some work. When I asked him how business had been the last few years because of the recession he responded, “I’ve been busier than ever.”

It made perfect sense. He’s considered the best in our city. He is known for the care he puts into his work and has a reputation for caring about his customers. He stands out from the competition and is in more demand than ever. He will be successful in any economy.

And so will you… if you choose to care.