God, Really – A Skeptics Journey Continued

by Drago on February 10, 2013

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We just finished off a very interesting film project for Pastor Chris Price from Calvary Baptist Church in Coquitlam, BC.

The project was designed to engage people in questions they may have about God and Christianity.

These brief three – five minute videos were not designed to go fully in depth and have a sermon around each question, but more so to give some answers to the questions and hopefully create more dialogue for discussion.

The topics we covered off were :

Chapter 1 – Why do you believe in God?
Chapter 2 – Was there really an Adam & Eve?
Chapter 3 – Why can’t Christians even agree?
Chapter 4 – Look at me, I’m a Christian
Chapter 5 – Is there only one path to God?
Chapter 6 – Why do some people dislike Christianity?

Chapter 7 – Did God create evil as well as good?
Chapter 8 –  Can the bible be trusted?
Chapter 9 – Was the resurrection a hoax?
Chapter 10 –  Why does Christianity exclude homosexuals?
Chapter 11 – Just one life to live?
Chapter 12 – Who are what created God?

To see the video series click here

To find out more or to ask your own questions about God, you can connect with Chris at :