What’s The Difference Between Success & Failure – Three Ounces

by Drago on August 21, 2013

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Monday Morning Motivator

Quote Of The Week – A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. (Jackie Robinson)

Word Of The Week – Redound (rih-downd) : to have an effect; to become transferred or accrued.
eg : “It is felt that the traffic from the exhibits and classes will redound to the benefit of downtown restaurants and hotels.”

Proverb Of The Week – The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity. (Proverbs 11 verse 3 The Bible)



What’s The Difference Between Success & Failure – Three Ounces

Being an ex-professional hockey player, I love the correlation of success in sports and success in life. This week we take a look at how three ounces made a world of difference to one player, Ernie Banks.

If you took a poll of all Major League baseball players and asked them, “What position did you play in the little leagues?” I think that you’d find “shortstop” to be the number one response. The reason I think that is simple; the position of shortstop requires perhaps the most athletic ability of any position in baseball. Speed, agility and arm strength are all factors in deciding who will play shortstop. There is no doubt that the men playing in the Major Leagues today, 20 years ago were the most athletic of their little league team.  

Shortstop requires so much athletic ability that many teams are willing to give up power numbers or a batting average to get someone who will consistently stop balls and make the plays. A good shortstop can take runs off the opposition’s score by playing great defense. Ozzie Smith, who played 19 years with the San Diego Padres and St. Louis Cardinals hit only 28 home runs in his entire career, and had a lifetime.262 batting average. He played 19 years because of his glove, not his bat.

There have been shortstops in baseball history who’ve possessed both bat and the glove. Before Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, there was Ernie Banks. He led the league in 1958 with 47 home runs and in 1960 with 41 round trippers. In 1958 and 1959 he led the league in RBI’s.

Banks wasn’t a slouch in the field either. He made as many outstanding plays with his glove as he did with a bat and was a rare commodity at shortstop because of it. In 1959 he hit 45 home runs, drove in 143, batted .304 and made only 12 errors all season. That phenomenal year earned him the National League’s MVP Award.

Many baseball players have what is called a breakthrough year, a year where they break some invisible barrier and perform at an all-star level. For Ernie Banks that was 1954. That year he clobbered 44 home runs. However, the year before he had only cranked out 19 homers out of the yard. What made the difference? A lot of things made the difference, but straight from the mouth of the man himself “it was the bat.” The year before he swung a 34 -ounce bat and recalled that it began to feel like “a telephone pole.” He made the switch to a 31-ounce model and it “felt like I was swishing a broomstick.”

This went against the wisdom of the day. It was believed that the heavier the bat the farther the ball went. The weight of the bat was believed to help the ball over the fence. Later it was realized that bat speed combined with the weight of the bat propelled the ball over the fence, and a lighter bat might mean more bat speed. In 1949 only 14 percent of the bats used in the Major Leagues weighed 32 ounces or less. By 1959 the number had increased to nearly 70 percent.

Success fans the fire of imitation, and soon ball players around the league were trading in their heavy bats for a lighter piece of wood. Banks had found success with his new bat, however think about it for a minute. Three ounces. That’s it! Three ounces. How much weight could that be? The answer is not much, but a lot.

You see, in life, the difference between success and failure is not a giant canyon. Instead, it’s a small crack that many never cross. The difference between the man living on the street and the man who owns the largest building on the street are little characteristics, qualities of simply being faithful, punctual and hard working. They are qualities that we can all exemplify and in reality few of us do. What’s the difference between success and failure? Well, just lighten the bat. The difference is very little and yet, a lot. A little because of the fact that we are already most likely doing many of the things that will lead to success, and a lot because discovering what the little things are requires work and mental toughness. Those small things can be a lot.

The difference of 19 home runs and 44 home runs in one season was in part due to 3 ounces. Don’t miss your success by three ounces. Remember the lesson that Banks taught us. In every endeavor the difference between success and failure is often not a giant canyon, but a small crack. In many cases the small crack can be overtaken with only minor tweaking to what you are already doing in your daily choices.

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