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Win Today Challenge!

This week we share a powerful message from author and speaker, Jon Gordon. Let’s face it the past six months have been challenging to say the least. With all that has been going on around us with the virus, protests, political and economic uncertainties it would be easy to feel discouraged and unsettled about what’s going on around us.

Jon’s message is a great reminder to focus on what we can control and win each day and those victories will keep compounding and create a winning environment for ourselves and our families.

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"Your words give me hope for one more day."

This note from a reader not only encouraged me but reminded me of the importance of having hope for one more day. With everything going on it's easy to get discouraged and want to give up.

While interviewing former Navy SEAL Chadd Wright, for my Positive University Podcast, he told me that most of the guys who are trying out to be a Navy SEAL don't make it through Hell week because they are longing for it to be over and dreaming for it to end.

He said the guys who make it are the ones who say, "I just want to make it to breakfast." They are focusing on one moment, one day at a time.

When he told me this, I realized the key to getting through this time of uncertainty is not to long for it to be over but to Win Today! Worrying about tomorrow is a waste of time. Using our time to Win Today helps us create a better tomorrow. So, hope for one more day allows us to make the most of today knowing this leads to success in the future.

What does it look like to Win Today? For each person it will be different but for me Win Today means:

Win in the Mind - Stay positive. Don't allow the negativity in the media and on social media to bring you down a spiral staircase of despair. Don't buy the doom and gloom. Instead invest in faith, hope, and love. Feed yourself with positivity to feed others.

Win the Moment - Control what you can control. There's a lot we can't control but each day we can make the most of our moments and control our attitude, effort and actions. For me this looked like working hard on various projects, writing, posting encouraging messages, creating a new virtual leadership training with my team, and looking for ways to encourage others.

Win the Spiritual Battle - As I wrote in The Garden, we are facing a battle and you have to know you are in a battle in order to win it. Each day I prayed a lot. To Win Today I needed more than positivity. With all the doubt, distortions, discouragement, distractions and division I needed Supernatural Optimism.

Win Physically - Get an adequate amount of sleep. Exercise daily. I took two walks a day and worked on my basketball game at night. I ate healthy most of the time while enjoying some treats. When you engage in all these habits to Win Today you experience less physical stress.

Win Together - We can't do it alone and aren't meant to. When you Win Today you become someone who can help the people around you win in their life. It's all about improving yourself and improving your relationships. In this spirit, I hope you and your friends will join me for my upcoming free Win Today Challenge. It's a 14 day free challenge to encourage you with the mindset and habits to win today. You can join for free with your friends and colleagues to Win Together.

Does Winning Today work? Well, I was talking to an owner of a popular restaurant chain and he said after hearing me talk about Winning Today a few months ago he made that his message to every leader and team member working in his restaurants. They focused on winning each day and are at 83% of their pre pandemic sales. 83%!

That's almost unheard of. Wow! He said it's been incredible to watch them control what they can control and focus on take out and catering and winning today.

I hope you and your team join me for the Win Today Challenge and let's make it to breakfast together and have hope for one more day. : )

If your business needs marketing that works, give us a call. We're here to help!

Be blessed this week.     


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Mike Poelzer, GM Sylvan Lake RV

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