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“I have come to know Drago Adams originally through a mutual friend; eventually becoming friends and business associates. Over the decade of knowing Drago personally, I have come to rely more on his giftedness in marketing & insights in advertising to serve my entrepreneural career. Living on the Atlantic Coast and not having personal access to my Pacific Coast marketing mentor, I now depend on Drago’s Monday Motivator newsletter to get my ‘fix’ of weekly inspiration and sage advice. For any business person searching for sound marketing motivation I strongly recommend they consider Drago Adam’s and his weekly newsletter. You won’t be able to start your business week without it!!!”

Anthony MacNeil - Owner, Stages Real Estate

Drago and his team offer a professional marketing and advertising agency program with the personal and connection to get the job done at a budget that works for the business. We highly recommend Drago and his team to help with strategies in growing your customer base and business.

Timothy Driedger - General & Brand Manager, Jim Pattison Toyota & Hyundai

Drago and his team truly desire the best for their clients and they work hard and “smart” to help them achieve their goals. Drago makes promises and keeps them. His core value of partnership has led to many opportunities of mutual benefit for all involved. If you have anything to tell the world, online, traditional or in ways you may not even have thought of, then it’s well worth your while to call them for advice and assistance. You’ll be glad you did!

Jim Ptycia - Media Consultant & Producer, JP Creative Concepts

I have had the pleasure of working with Drago & his team for many years. No matter what clients they brought to KVOS TV, Drago always makes it clear that results for his clients is the number one priority. He is a leader, a motivator and stays current to be able to offer exceptional service.

Phil Legree - National Sales Manager, KVOS TV

I’ve worked with many advertising company executives from the likes of MacLaren McCann to Saatchi and Saatchi. I’ve also worked with Drago at The Adam Ad Group in relation to several of my automotive dealership clients. I have witnessed first hand his fresh approach, creativity, conscientious nature and most importantly his effective results. If you’re not afraid to hear the truth about what you should do and you’re looking for a sharp advertising company that will truly consider what you have to say then call Drago and do it now! I highly recommend him.

Peter Cameron-Inglis - Founding Partner and Vice President Marketing & Operations, ASL Internet

I have had the privilege to know Drago for 15 years on a professional and personal level. He is thorough in his business dealings with his customers best interests in mind. I would highly recommend his company as he has been instrumental in some very successful marketing strategies for us at Sears Carpet Care in Vancouver. As one of Drago’s successful slogans for Sears states “Clean is Good” I would have to say “Adam Ad Group is Better'”

Shane Bolger - Sears Carpet Care

The Adam Ad Group has helped our company add new business despite being in the middle of a declining market. By using a targeted approach and messaging directly to these targeted markets, they have created a campaign that not only increased our business, but brought in exactly the type of customer that has helped us improve. Drago is always working with us to find and develop new programs and even created a program through Global TV to garner additional exposure. Prior to 2007 the Surrey Golf Club was ranked #4 for rounds played in the Lower Mainland and with the help of the Adam Ad Group we have been #1 for every year since 2007. Our marketing spend is less than it was in 2006 and yet we have a greater market share…..hats off to Drago and his team for the great leg up on the competition.

Brian Young - Chief Operating Officer, Surrey & Delta Golf Clubs

Drago Adam & his team set the standard for how an agency should represent its clients. Drago understands the needs of the client and how each medium can deliver the best results. If you are a business looking for someone that brings their best game give Drago a call.

Mike Jean - Retail Sales Manger, Jim Pattison Broadcast Group

Drago and his team are very good at what they do, advertising, strategy and ad creation. They have created exceptional cost effective ads for us that have produced great results.

John Blenkhorn - Ralph's Used Auto & Truck Parts

In a uncertain business climate, what is certain is the commitment and ability that Drago and his team deliver to develop successful strategies and campaigns for their clients.

Simply put, Drago and The Adam Ad Group deliver results for their clients. Drago’s foundation for success is based on a personable, focused and value based understanding of the client and their goals, the partners they choose to do business with and the ideas that deliver value and results to their customers.

Paul Hickie - Business Development Manager, National Accounts, Calyx Transportation Inc, National Fast Freight

We retained Drago Adam of The Adam Ad Group 10 years ago and it was a very smart decision. He cares about the people he works with and he cares about the work you do. When we needed a new marketing direction, Drago and his team came up with “Tell Del”. It is an outstanding campaign that has been extremely successful. The Adam Ad Group always continues to look for ways to improve your market position. We have dealt with many Ad Agencies but Adam Ad Group is the best. I strongly recommend Drago and his team!

Del Feller - Tell Del

I want to thank you for the weekly Monday Morning Motivators, I always read them. I am sure it takes a lot of work and sometimes you wonder whether it’s worth it. I can assure you it is. Not only for your immediate client’s but also your friends and others who benefit from your work here. I truly appreciate the articles your write or quote from. There are often parallels to the Real Estate field that make the MMM very appropriate & timely reading, I often forward them to other realtors and friends.

Jeremy Sutton - RE/MAX Treeland Realty

Drago, I love reading your Monday Morning Motivators. If I had the space they would be all over our walls!

Brenda Cadieux - Forest to Fork Wild Mushroom Products

Drago and his team are absolutely fantastic to work with.

Steve Darling - Anchor, Global TV News

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy the MMM each week. I know many of my partners are getting it now and we chat about it on a regular basis. The content is usually right on point for our practice and I find there is always something in there that either enlightens me or reminds me of something I knew but had forgotten.

Frankly, I now look forward to this aspect of my Monday mornings — which is not always the optimal morning for personal performance for many people. I can only assume that was part of the reason you chose Monday.

Darrel Tracey - Business Advisor MNP

I just received my first edition of your Monday Morning Motivator and I am quite impressed. So much so that I immediately subsrcibed. Your newsletter struck a nerve with me because the main article today entitled “There are no secrets to Success” resonated with me in that all the daily steps the author talked about are steps that I usually take in my daily routine. I completely loved it, so much so that I am going to forward this incredible tool to all 75 agents in my office. A big Thank You to you!”

Larry B. Purchase - Royal LePage

I have been enjoying the MMM for some time now and am always inspired and energized by the content. It is geared towards the business person and helps me to refocus on what is important right at the start of the week.

Jason Pearson - President, Universal Appraisals

Drago,I just wanted to take the time to say you inspired me. The five regrets of dying has had me thinking all week – especially the first notation on being true to myself.

I am committing myself to taking the time to make sure I will be able to say I DID all I Wanted. Money isn’t everything.

You make a difference. Thank you…

Judy Makaryk Rosen - Remax Realty

Drago -I sent this out with the following tag:

“For my friends in business, sport and general camaraderie – new and old, I thought the following MMM was very poignant and thoughtful as we start a new year:”

The responses have been simply enlightening. Keep up the great inspiration – it was shared with over 200 others today and I know it changed at least one life!

Mark McKay - Jones Brown, Insurance Brokers & Consultants

Drago, I feel privileged to have been receiving your weekly message for about two years now, and I thought this one was the best I have ever seen in trying to make sense of the Facebook/Twitter on line thing. I thought you hit the nail squarely on the head. Keep up the great work!

Michael Mooney - General Manager, The Village Club

Hi Drago

I just wanted to say thank you. Your MMM was forwarded to me by one of our Franchisees a few weeks ago. I have to say, I really don’t love reading E blasts or newsletters very much, and most often just throw them in the trash, or put them in a folder which I pretend I’m going to read but never do. I have read almost every single one of your MMM’s since I signed up, and I particularly enjoyed this week.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into it, and know that what you send out, makes a difference in peoples lives.

Jodi Goldfinger - Marketing Co-ordinator, Liquid Capital

It is such a treat to work with Mr. Drago Adam from The Adam Ad Group who is committed to our programming and system and is a trusted ambassador of our brand.

Duka Martinovic - President, SeeSwing

We recommend The Adam Ad Group if you want results!

Steve Pippy - Direct Buy

The most effective campaigns for the lowest possible cost!

Michael Isman - General Manager, Royal City Jewelers & Loans

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